Peer-To-Peer Web/Mobile App

I represent a financial institution, and need an application that allows my customers to send and receive money.

If you are a bank, financial institution, fintech startup or developer, you can use Payment Approved’s API to create your own application that allows users to send money, person to person. Also, the Payment Approved Platform currently supports a mobile peer-to-peer app, Giddy.


Business Payroll

I own a business with multiple employees, and need a solution that enables me to manage my payroll.

If you are a business with employees, you can use the Payment Approved Platform to send weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payroll to all of your employees. Unique to Payment Approved, your employees can receive their funds whenever and however they want, including via mobile app.


Online Business Payments

I own a business and need a solution for online payments.

If you are a business merchant that needs to take payments online, the Payment Approved Platform provides you with a flexible and secure portal, that enables you to receive and manage money from your customers.


Business Invoicing

I own a business and need an invoicing solution for my goods and services.

If you are a business and need to get paid by other businesses, or people, the Payment Approved Platform allows you to generate an infinite number of invoices, safely and securely. All you need is their email address or mobile number. They can pay within seconds and never have to sign up for our service.


Split Payments

I own a business that operates online, and I need a solution for split payments for my inventory.

If you are an online business, and you need the ability to provide your customers the option to pay for inventory separately, the Payment Approved Platform provides you with an API that will connect to your current system without disrupting your current checkout process.


Point-of-Sale System

I represent an entity that needs to be able to take physical forms of payment.

If you are a business merchant, or an educational organization, or a charity, that needs to take physical cards or cash, the Payment Approved Platform can be used to power any existing POS system.


AML/Compliance as a Service

I represent an organization that needs better options for data security and compliance.

If you are a business or an organization that cares about secure financial data, the Payment Approved Platform can be used to increase fraud protection and know-your-customer protocols. We can connect to any existing web or mobile app and be used as the first and last line of defense when it comes to fraud prevention.


Personal Debit Card

I don’t have a bank account, but I need a better solution for personal purchasing.

If you are an individual that is unbanked but still desires a debit card for purchases, the Payment Approved Platform can provide you with your own debit card, issued through Visa or Mastercard.